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How to Get Your Children to Eat Fruit and Vegetables

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your children eating fruit and vegetables on a daily basis as opposed to eating unhealthy foods. You can order on-line from Veg and More. For some parents that is not the norm. If you are a parent who are struggling to get your children to eat healthy, here are three ways to help you get your children to eat more fruit and vegetables.

#1 Lead By Example

Your example sets the tone. The way you respond to tasting new food types or dishes, even when eating out, sets the example they will follow when they too have to try something new. Keep this in mind by being positive. Be creative and make it fun by cutting the fruit  in fun shapes or arranging the veggies on the plate in a fun way. With little children you can even pretend to be tasting the new fruit or veg for the first time and so encourage your child to try it as well.

#2 Your Meal Plan is Important

Include your children when planning your menu and shopping list for the week, even from a young age. Share with them why you combine certain foods together and others not, and what the nutritional impact of a balanced meal is. Give them the opportunity to be part of the decision making. Younger children can be given the choice between 2 fruits you have already selected for the day, whereas older children can make the choice between what meals on what days the family will eat.

You Want to get to the place where you can let your teenager plan the meal or menu by what they’ve learned from you. By doing this, you’re encouraging a healthier lifestyle and as time goes by, they’ll start looking for those fruit and vegetables naturally.

#3 Encourage A Balanced Lifestyle

A balanced diet is is only halfway to a healthy lifestyle. Encourage your children to get exercise and enough sleep. When you maintain a healthy lifestyle, enjoy a sweet treat from time to time is totally acceptable.

With proper planning and finding the right fruit and veg suppliers in Cape Town,  you’ll be able to get your family eating healthy foods  and start avoiding empty calorie  unhealthy foods. Not only will  it benefit your health,  but also your pocket as you won’t be spending as much money on junk foods.

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