Advanced Driving Courses By Top Driving Schools In South Africa

It is no secret that South Africa has a bad reputation when it comes to vehicle accidents since many of the drivers either overlook or ignore the road safety rules. But you don’t have to live in fear when driving on South African roads because by taking an advanced driving lessons, you can avoid accidents. […]

Travel Tips for Namibia

If you are looking for a place to visit where you can experience the real, authentic taste of Africa, then Namibia is the place for you. This wonderfully unspoilt country, with its vast desert and stunning Atlantic Ocean coastline, offers a wide variety of exciting opportunities, and at Book Namibia you can find everything you […]

HPT Africa for all Your Waste Management Solutions

All areas of industry need adequate waste management solutions, especially those where potentially harmful by-products are a possibility. Take metalworking, for example: oil mist is a definite problem and needs careful attention, as inhalation can be harmful to the health of the individual concerned. For the very best in oil mist extraction and welding fume […]

Voice Overs for Corporate Videos, Adverts and Radio

A professional voice artist will bring a fresh sheen to any production, and will undoubtedly give the impact you require. Alistair Davis is a leading name in the voice over artist industry in South Africa, and has the professional experience to help you achieve the results you need at the right price. Alistair Davis can […]